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Ever baulked at the entry fee for Hampton Court or wanted to take a guest around Chiswick House? With a CSSC card you can visit free, with at least one adult and up to six children, as well as get money off everything from car insurance to supermarket shopping to holidays. The Civil Service Sports Council is our parent organisation, you must join them to join us. If you have ever worked in the public sector you can do this yourself but don't worry if not as we can do this for you by linking you to an existing member. CSSC is a not for profit organisation that promotes health and well-being. The largest provider of corporate leisure and fitness facilities in the UK, it offers hundreds of events, offers and activities every year to help members get active and try out new hobbies at discounted rates.

CSSC membership costs £3.95 monthly or £47.40 annually. Please click here to join.